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Daughter For a Day

7 Ideas to Help Your Elderly Parents Transition into Fall

Transition to Fall Visitors are heading home, and it brings me to a topic that is near and dear to me.  Your elderly parents have enjoyed all the comings and goings of visiting relatives and boisterous children and people they only get to see once in a while. Summer has been a nice laid back […]

The Face of My Grief

The Face of My Grief I have finally had to face the brutal reality of the amount of grief I was feeling.  On May 13,2017 my mother passed away, I hit a wall. My body was giving me warning signs, and it was trying to tell me that I needed care, but I was trying […]

Who Will Be Caregiver?

Do you know who is taking care of your Mom and Dad? When we realize our parents need more care than we are able to give, this can lead to un-wanted stress. Questions arise like “How can I get my parents more help?” and “Who can I find to help me?” It can be overwhelming […]