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Adult Children and Parents

Adult Children and Elderly Parents I learn something new every day when interacting with seniors and their families.  The dynamics of the family are so intertwined and woven tightly, often where it is difficult, as a third party to come into a family when asked to provide support and help. I sympathize with the children who […]

Picking a Medical Alert System

The one thing that we had the hardest time with,  was trying to convince our mom that it would be a good idea to have a medical alert system installed in her home.  She fought against it and it was kind of prophetic. Sometime later she slipped in the bath and could not get up.  […]

7 Ideas to Help Your Elderly Parents Transition into Fall

Transition to Fall Visitors are heading home, and it brings me to a topic that is near and dear to me.  Your elderly parents have enjoyed all the comings and goings of visiting relatives and boisterous children and people they only get to see once in a while. Summer has been a nice laid back […]

The Face of My Grief

The Face of My Grief I have finally had to face the brutal reality of the amount of grief I was feeling.  On May 13,2017 my mother passed away, I hit a wall. My body was giving me warning signs, and it was trying to tell me that I needed care, but I was trying […]

Who Will Be Caregiver?

Do you know who is taking care of your Mom and Dad? When we realize our parents need more care than we are able to give, this can lead to un-wanted stress. Questions arise like “How can I get my parents more help?” and “Who can I find to help me?” It can be overwhelming […]

Safety in Networks

At-home companion services run hand-in-hand with innovative accessibility solutions, which are aimed to provide a comprehensive care model. Daughter for a Day provides companion care services that are geared towards seniors aging-at-home who may lack a direct support person or network. But beyond just providing a smiling, happy face, companion care services provide an integral […]

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Holiday Vacations

The holidays are a time for family gathering, festivity and fun. This time of year is also ideal for vacations: kids are out of school, we have time off of work and warmer climates beckon us away from winter. If you are thinking of taking some vacation time over the holidays, here are some ways […]

Seniors and Falling

For seniors, falling is a serious concern. A fall usually means a fracture somewhere or a nasty bump on the head and then what we find is a downward spiral.  When a senior falls, we call 911 or help them up and go to emergency and it happens again: a fall, we pick them up […]

Where Will I Go Is The Question?

As more and more baby boomers come of age for retirement and downsizing, we are concerned about where will we go. Subsidized care homes are full, costs for higher-end homes catering to every need you may have are sometimes not realistic for people just entering into retirement. There has been a lot of talk amongst […]

Future Care Giving Plans – Opening the Conversation

There is an aging issue we have all heard about; baby boomers have now reached 65 and are ready to retire. We also keep hearing that seniors are happier living in their own homes, the homes they raised their families in and now their grandchildren. Most of these seniors want to stay in their own […]