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Daughter for a Day was created because of my own personal family experience. Caring for elderly family members, working and raising teenagers allowed me to see clearly the issues and dilemmas faced by families.  I started Daughter For A Day in 2009 and have built a base of satisfied customers from North and West Vancouver across the Lower Mainland.

When I first started my company, I realized through the experience of my own family that there were needs of seniors that were not being fulfilled. I also realized that seniors were lonely, often their dearest friends have passed and they are left alone.

Adult children are facing an enormous task of caring for their elderly parents. They are called a Sandwich Generation for good reason. Between growing families and aging parents.

Finding information or actual services and navigating the process is sometimes overwhelming. Caregivers of elderly parents often need help sorting through the information and resources that are available to them.  We can help provide you with the best possible explanations and resources that will enable you to make the right decisions.  Daughter For A Day Seniors Care began in 2009, with a vision to help the families of seniors, who wished to fulfill the dream of their parents.  That dream is to continue living in their homes, safely and independently.

I still believe that seniors are better in their homes, however in order to facilitate that, sometimes changes have to be made. “

We are a non-medical support service for the seniors.  We help adult children and give them support for their elderly parents when needed and from time to time when asked can provide you with a list of companies in our industry that we have come to know and trust.

If your elderly loved one is under a doctor’s care then you should discuss any changes in the care with their doctor.  If you or your loved one requires legal advice then the same rules apply.  We are always mindful and careful to make sure that ethically we are providing the best service to you for your elderly loved ones.

Our vision for Daughter for a Day was to build a company that served the needs of elderly seniors by providing consistent, quality and loving non-medical in-home care and enabling those seniors who wish to continue living in the homes they cherish to be able to do so with compassionate support.

With the rapid growth of our aging population and limited services to support our aging baby boomers, existing services are simply not able to keep up with the demand. Our goal is to build relationships with the families we work with, to be a positive and consistent presence in the lives of elderly parents.

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